Crime Prevention Unit


Crime Prevention Unit

The primary goal of the Southfield Police Department’s Crime Prevention Unit is to educate the community about security awareness.  Officers in this unit work to make homeowners and business owners feel more secure within the city by increasing their knowledge on how to not to become victims of crime.

By requesting a free security survey, residents and business owners can have an officer come to their property and evaluate the physical aspects in place that may make it an attractive target for criminal activity.  Doors, windows, lighting, and landscaping are each taken into consideration and the officer can make suggestions to improve security.  In addition, business owners can request that the officer evaluate operational practices such as money procedures, key control, and general security practices. 

The officers of the Crime Prevention Unit believe that citizen awareness is the key to preventing crime.  Free crime prevention presentations and educational materials are available upon request. 

For more information on these services please contact: (248) 796-5400.

Community Policing Unit

The primary goal of the Southfield Police Department’s Community Policing Unit is to develop long-term relationships with businesses, schools, and neighborhoods within the city.  Officers in this unit serve as a liaison between the community and the police department.

These officers are well known within the community. From organizing events such as Badges and Books and Shop with a Cop to hosting the Citizens Police Academy and Chief’s Advisory Board, these officers are often the face of the department.

The Community Policing Unit works in conjunction with the Crime Prevention Unit in hosting various presentations including topics on Human Trafficking, Cyber-Security and Personal Safety.  These officers also are active in the department’s “What to do if you are Stopped by the Police” and “Families Against Narcotics” programs.

For more information on this unit, please contact (248) 796-5400.

Neighborhood Watch

The Southfield Police Department is proud to partner with various neighborhoods within the city for the Neighborhood Watch Program.  Officers and civilian personnel assigned to this unit assist in conducting meetings with existing watch groups as well as help neighborhoods establish new watch groups.

This program helps make neighborhoods safer by bringing the community together and by educating its citizens through presentations and updates on crime statistics for their area.

If you are interested in the Neighborhood Watch Program, please contact (248) 796-5400.