Emergency Management

Emergency Management has been in our community for many years. At one time it was called Civil Defense - an organization designed to meet the current needs of our residents with regards to early warning and safety in cases of natural or man-made disasters.

Civil Defense evolved and became Emergency Management as hazards,  threats (many man-made), and responses changed.

In Southfield, we have an independent Emergency Management Division to serve our residents directly. The Emergency Management Division is staffed by an Emergency Management Director and supplemented by a cadre of volunteers.

The primary duties of Emergency Management include creating and maintaining a disaster plan to address the management of disasters, and supporting the coordination of resources. Disasters are natural or man-made events that overwhelm our local first responders.

Your Emergency Management Division is unique. It is the only program, to our knowledge, with a standing cadre of volunteers that serve the community in many ways.

  • Assisting at civic events with traffic and crowd direction
  • May be called on to assist at natural and man-made disasters
  • Assisting in disaster preparation, education, and training

Our goal is to serve the residents and daytime occupants, by helping to insure they will be as prepared as possible to minimize and/or survive a disaster incident.

For more information on any aspect of Emergency Management, our Volunteer Program, or for disaster preparation information, please contact us at (248) 796-5990. Voice messages accepted. Please leave a name and contact number. For additional information on disaster preparation, please refer to the following Web links: