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Chief of Police Elvin Barren 

The Southfield City Council approved City Administrator Fred Zorn’s appointment of Elvin Barren as the new Police Chief at the July 8 City Council Meeting. Chief Barren officially began his employment with the City of Southfield on July 29, 2019. 

Chief Barren previously served as Deputy Chief of Police of the Detroit Police Department (DPD) where he commanded the largest bureau in the DPD, including eight major units, a yearly budget of $137 million and over 1,100 police officers. During his 21 years of service with DPD, he has over 12 years of command experience with over six years at the rank of commander or above.

Chief Barren holds an Associates of Science degree in Law Enforcement Administration from Wayne County Community College, a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration from Central Michigan University and a Master’s of Science in Criminal Justice from Bowling Green State University. Mr. Barren is also a graduate of the Senior Management Institute for Police and has completed training at the Police Executives’ and New Chiefs’ School, sponsored by the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police. Chief Barren also completed the Leadership in Counterterrorism Program (LinCT) sponsored by the FBI and has completed several other training and leadership development programs.

He previously served as the Deputy Chief of Neighborhood Policing Bureau-East for the Detroit Police Department. In this position, he commanded Detroit’s largest Bureau, overseeing day-to-day operations of the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th Precincts as well as the Downtown Services Division, Gaming Operations and the Metropolitan Division, which includes: Tactical Response Unit (TRU), Special Response Team (SWAT), K-9, Harbor Master, Bomb Squad, Traffic Enforcement, Mounted Division and Aviation. Chief Barren is also a veteran of the United States Navy, serving eight years as an Operations Specialist in addition to his over 20 years of experience in law enforcement, with eight years at the supervisory, management and executive levels.

The Southfield Police Department provides a full range of quality public safety services which include marked and unmarked patrol units, a well-trained Investigative staff, and outstanding Crime Prevention services. The department has been honored for outstanding service award from the Michigan Chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the Outstanding Crime Prevention Award by the Michigan Crime Prevention Association, and by the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police for its outstanding community policing programs.

Southfield Police Officers are supported by the latest technology and equipment available. Computers are installed in all marked patrol units to provide faster access to vital information about suspects, victims and addresses in and around the city of Southfield. The radio system represents an important improvement in the speed and efficiency of the department’s communication technology. Further, the Police Department have instituted a FAX Network for local businesses and private police. This system is designated to share crime prevention and other information with the private sector in a timely manner. The department has installed a computerized arrest photo system, fingerprint system, computer aided dispatch and records management system. The Southfield Police Department is continuously adding new technology and crime fighting strategies to their existing police concepts to remains a leader in law enforcement and policing.


Phone: (248) 796-5300



Photo of Police Chief Elvin Barren
Police Chief Elvin Barren

Deputy Chief Jeffrey A. Jagielski - Investigations Division

I have been with the Police Department for 25 years. I started here as a Police Cadet in 1995. I was promoted to the rank of Police Officer in 1996. Since then, my career has taken me down a broad path, to include the following assignments:

  • Directed Patrol Unit
  • K9
  • Special Entry and Response Team (20-year member: Sniper, Entry/Operator, Chemical Munitions Specialist, Team Leader and Team Commander)
  • Honor Guard (20-year member: Team Leader and Team Commander)
  • Tactical Crime Suppression Unit (Officer and Sgt.)
  • Use of Force Instructor
  • Promoted to Sergeant in 2014
  • Promoted to Lieutenant in 2017
  • Watch Commander
  • Investigations Division Coordinator
  • Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command Graduate
  • Promoted to Deputy Chief of Police in 2020

As the Deputy Chief of the Investigations Division, I oversee the Detective Bureau, Court Services, jail operations, background investigations, the Property Room, and the department’s Task Force Officers.


Phone: (248) 796-5540


Deputy Chief Thomas M. Langewicz - Patrol Division  

  • 34 Year law enforcement veteran
  • Started my career in law enforcement with the Detroit Police Department in 1987 and was assigned to the Ninth Precinct for nearly ten years.
  • In 1996, I became a member of the Southfield Police Department and was promoted to the Rank of Sergeant in 2008. I served as a Sergeant for six years and was assigned to both the Patrol Division and the Tactical Crime Suppression Unit.
  • I was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in 2014 and was assigned as the Investigations Division Coordinator and as Watch Commander with the Patrol Division.
  • Member of the Southfield Special Entry and Response Team for the past 17 years and Team Commander for six years.
  • Liaison for the Southfield Police Department to The Oakland County Tactical Response Consortium also known as Oak Tac. Oak Tac was established to respond to major incidents requiring mutual aid such as, active shooters or civil disturbances.  In addition to being a liaison, I am currently an active shooter and mobile field force instructor with the consortium.


Phone: (248) 796-5400