Animal Control

The City of Southfield Animal Warden will assist Southfield residents and business owners with most animal-related problems or issues on their property or within their immediate living space.

Animal Warden services include:

  • Animal Bite Complaints
  • Vicious or Stray Animals
  • Addressing Injured Animals
  • Wild Animal Concerns in your house
  • Barking Dog Complaints
  • Animal Neglect and Cruelty Investigations

The Animal Warden is available for consultation and assistance for peaceful resolutions involving animal complaints that the city does not directly address. 

The Southfield Animal Warden is assigned to the Patrol Division of the Southfield Police Department and their assigned vehicle is a white truck marked with City of Southfield decals.  Their uniform is a solid blue and clearly marked as “Southfield Animal Warden” on the front and back. 

The Animal Warden is authorized to do the following:

  • Write citations/tickets that are animal related
  • Carry a handgun, shotgun, and Taser
  • Administer long distance sedation via dart
  • Impound animals that are vicious or neglected
  • Enforce all Southfield City Ordinances and state laws regarding animals
  • Enforce dog and cat City licensing

Helpful Tips for Citizens:

  • Dead animals on private property should be disposed of in a proper trash receptacle.
  • Coyotes are common in the area, please monitor all small pets when outside.
  • Feeding of stray animals is discouraged.
  • Feeding of deer is prohibited by City Ordinance.
  • Common wildlife in Southfield includes deer, fox, opossums, raccoons, ground hogs, skunks, and turkeys.  The Animal Warden does not respond to these type of wildlife complaints unless in a living area. They will offer advice for deterring these animals from private property.
  • If a wild animal is acting strangely such as foaming from the mouth, walking in circles, or otherwise acting abnormal, avoid that animal and please contact the police department for further assistance.

Contact Information

All Emergency Situations:              911

Animal Warden Office:                   (248) 796-5425

To Report Dead Animals (24hrs):  (248) 796-3937

Oakland County Animal Shelter:    (248) 858-1070

Pet Licensing

Southfield residents are reminded that City Ordinance requires that all cats and dogs be licensed through the Police Records Bureau.  For more information contact (248) 796-5580 or click below for license information.

Licensing Your Pets

Residents are reminded that City Ordinance requires all cats and dogs in Southfield to be licensed through the police records bureau. For more information, call the police records bureau at (248) 796-5580 or click here for license information.

Records Bureau