Patrol Division


The Patrol Division provides the first line of response to residents calling for assistance. The Division is essential in apprehending offenders and repressing criminal behavior. It furthers the Department's community policing goals by encouraging a positive relationship with the community and by assisting residents and businesses with resolving nuisance-type issues.

The Patrol Division is also responsible for the Downtown Station and Special Operations, which support the main functions of the Police Department.

Based at the Downtown Station are the traffic bureau, crime prevention unit, and community policing officers. In addition, the PRIDE program is a cooperative project of the Police Department and the business community working on security and safety aspects; the Tactical Crime Suppression Unit focuses on special incidents in a particular area; the school liaison officers, work with the Southfield School District to encourage students in positive, crime-free living.

Special Operations is responsible for special details and City events, such as dignitary visits, and animal control.

Another Patrol Division component, the K-9 program, uses dogs to provide vital support in area searches for lost children, apprehending fleeing felons, explosive detection, and drug operations.

The Specialist program is comprised of patrol officers who have received training and reclassification to undertake additional duties. These duties include the gathering and processing of evidence at crime scenes; processing serious and fatal accident scenes; drug field testing; and film and video reporting.

The Teddy Bear Patrol Program brings comfort to children who are victims of accidents or crime, or who have witnessed some trauma. Officers provide these youngsters with donated new teddy bears.

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