Safe Streets Pledge


City of Southfield launches Southfield Safe Streets Pledge to curb distracted driving

The Southfield Safe Streets Pledge will redistribute public safety resources and use Proactive and Preventative Policing, Police-Initiated Activity and collaboration with the community to:

  • Focus on locations with higher numbers of traffic accidents;
  • Focus on distracted drivers;
  • Focus on people that are texting while driving;  
  • Focus on drivers that disobey stop signs and traffic signals; and
  • Focus on speeders in residential neighborhoods and near schools.

Policing Efforts

Southfield Police Chief Elvin Barren states that Southfield Safe Streets Pledge is a part of the department’s overall community policing efforts which includes:

  • Operation GOT M – This program encourages residents to contact the police department with complaints relating to three specific issues: traffic, loud music and littering. If any of these three violations are observed, residents may call a non-emergency line at (248) 796-GOT M (4686) and leave a voicemail message with any information they can provide.
  • Crime Prevention Bureau – The primary goal of the crime prevention bureau is to educate the community about security awareness.
  • Citizen Information Network – An information sharing messaging system that citizens can sign up for to receive e-mail messages regarding crime alerts and crime reports.
  • School Liaison Officer Program – The liaison officer interacts on a daily basis with faculty, staff and students in a casual, non-threatening school environment. School liaison officers not only enforce laws, but also become counselors, confidants and friends of students.
  • Chaplain Program - The police chaplains represent the city of Southfield at many ceremonies and help citizens during times of need and distress.
  • Citizen and Youth Police Academies – The police department provides information and demonstrations on crime scene processing, patrol operations, crime prevention and other topics to educate residents and students who then become active participants with the department to keep Southfield safe.

When citizens enter the City of Southfield borders, they can be rest assured that they will be safe and secure. The Southfield Police and Fire Departments are among the best in the nation, and committed to individual’s personal safety and well-being while they are in the City. Southfield public safety professionals pledge to keep Southfield streets safe – and in turn ask citizens to pledge to commit to driving cautiously, obeying all posted signs, laws and never driving while distracted by cell phone calls or texting.

Residents and visitors can take comfort in the fact that the average response time to emergencies in Southfield is among the lowest in the nation. Southfield city leaders take great pride in the fact that Southfield is a safe, clean and progressive community that is welcoming to everyone. The City is committed to providing only the highest quality services to its residents and visitors, and maintaining a safe and secure community is a top priority. Numerous national studies have shown that distracted drivers are a leading cause of accidents and other problems on the road, and the city of Southfield takes a zero-tolerance policy towards such violations. To that end, the city of Southfield has launched the Southfield Safe Streets Pledge to crack down on distracted and reckless drivers in an ongoing effort to keep Southfield streets safe and secure for everyone.

Residents and visitors alike are encouraged to take the Southfield Safe Streets Pledge and commit to do their part to keep our streets and community safe. Take the pledge today and learn more about safe driving techniques, statistics related to distracted driving, vehicular accidents and other important traffic and personal safety information.

For more information about the Southfield Safe Streets Pledge or other public safety programs, contact the Southfield Police Department at (248) 796-5500 or the Southfield Fire Department at (248) 796-5650.