Court Services


Court Services Section includes 1 sergeant, 3 detectives and a property clerk. The sergeant oversees the Court Services section and assists detectives with their duties when needed. The sergeant also acts as a liaison between the Police Department and the Prosecutor’s Office, with defense attorneys and with the District and Circuit Courts. The sergeant is also responsible for tracking criminal cases and facilitating the disposal of property once cases are adjudicated.

One detective is assigned to the 46th District Court, with the responsibility of notifying witnesses and victims of court dates. The detective also provides discovery (Incident Reports) to defense attorneys; assists prosecutors in Court with exams and trials; and is the liaison between the Police Department, District Court and Prosecutor's Office. 

The Sixth Circuit Court has one detective assigned with similar duties. These duties include subpoenaing witnesses and victims; assisting prosecutors in Court with trials; and securing evidence for the court cases. This detective also acts as the liaison between the Police Department and the County Prosecutor's Office.

A detective is assigned to obtain warrants on in-custody arrests, and assist the Court during the arraignment process. The detective handles all follow-up investigations on patrol arrests and warrant arrests from other departments. The detective also serves subpoenas and fills in at court exams and trials when needed.

The property clerk is responsible for the inventory and tracking of all property coming into the police department. The clerk ensures the integrity of police evidence and is responsible for release of property once it is deemed appropriate.