What is 9-1-1


9-1-1 is the emergency telephone number that provides immediate and direct access to police, fire and medical services. Emergency calls are answered by skilled Emergency Dispatchers utilizing an Enhanced 9-1-1 computerized telephone system that displays the name, address and phone number of the caller. This is especially helpful to callers who are distressed or confused, as well as to the elderly and children. 9-1-1 is a service of the City of Southfield 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Division. Cell phones may deliver incomplete information. Please see additional information regardingĀ cell phone calls.

When DO I call 9-1-1?

  • If there is an Emergency situation requiring a police, fire or emergency medical assistance
  • If there is a crime in progress
  • If a person may be in danger
  • If someone is suffering a heart attack or other serious medical emergency
  • If you suspect there may be a fire
  • If someone is trapped or injured
  • If the carbon monoxide detector goes off

When DO I NOT Call 9-1-1

  • For minor medical problemsĀ 
  • For road, travel or severe weather informationĀ 
  • For excessive noise complaints, legal advice, pets in trees. etc.

For non-emergency problems please call the Police Department business line (248) 796-5500