Property & Evidence


Property Room Hours:

Monday–Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. by appointment only.
Please contact the Property Room Clerk at 1-248-796-5510 to schedule an appointment.


Prisoner Property

Prisoner Property can be released to the arrested person or their designate as long as they have the pink Southfield Prisoner Property form. If the form is not available, a person arrested may draft a letter that must be signed and notarized by a notary public authorizing an alternate person to pick up their property. Questions regarding the release of property may be directed to the Property Clerk at 1-248-796-5510.


Evidence & Other Property

Property seized as evidence is generally releasable after the case has been adjudicated and the appeal period has past, which is 21 days after date of conviction for a misdemeanor and 42 days after date of sentencing for a felony. Property that is found or submitted for safekeeping is usually available for release Tuesday through Friday during normal property room hours. Questions may be directed to the Property Clerk at 1-248-796-5510.


Release of Firearms


State and Federal Law prohibit the release of any firearm to persons who meet one of the following general criteria:

  1. The person has a felony conviction on their record.
  2. The person has been convicted of Domestic Violence out of any jurisdiction
  3. The person has a Mental Order on their record.
  4. The person is subject of a valid PPO or Conditional Bond Release
  5. The firearm was used in the commission of crime that was prosecuted under State Law.

A background check will be performed to ensure the person requesting the firearm is able to lawfully receive it. Persons wishing to retrieve a handgun must provide good ID and a valid gun registration at the time of release. Questions regarding the release of firearms may be directed to the Property Clerk at 1-248-796-5510.


Police Property Auctions


The Southfield Police Department will periodically hold an auction separate from the Auto Auction. The Department uses the Claude McMillen Auction & Real Estate Company, an off-site auctioneer. Their web site can be found at