Southfield Photo Prize


The annual Southfield Photo Prize, currently in it's 8th year, is a nationally recognized and award winning photography competition that aims to showcase the natural and architectural beauty throughout the City of Southfield while also creating an outdoor public art exhibition.

The city is currently seeking qualified entries for the competition which will run from June through August. Submissions will be initially reviewed by the Total Living Commission that will select the top 25 finalist entries that will be enlarged and displayed on the parks & recreation building for public viewing and voting.

    The community is encouraged to visit all of the entries and to vote online for their favorite photo on the City’s website at from June 17 – August 31, 2024. The photo that receives the most overall votes will be featured in the City’s 2025 calendar with a photo credit. Other finalists may also be featured in the calendar and other city marketing materials. All finalists will receive their enlarged photographs from the exhibition as well as additional prizes for the top three winners. The results will be announced at an awards ceremony in September.

    Criteria for Submission:

    • Photographer must live, work, worship or attend school in the City of Southfield.
    • Original digital photograph of Southfield landmark or other subject matter shot within the City of Southfield borders.  Photographs with no obvious photo editing other than dodging, burning, cropping, and color corrections, taken in any season or format are acceptable; however, landscape orientation is preferred/recommended.
    • Photograph must be high resolution: at least 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch) and 2,000 pixels submitted in JPEG, TIFF or PDF file format (which can be achieved with most cameras and phones).
    • Each photographer may submit up to three (3) total shots for consideration per person; and
    • Submissions must be e-mailed as an attachment to by Friday, May 31, 2024. Submissions may also be mailed on a CD or USB flash drive to: Southfield Community Relations Department, 26000 Evergreen Road, P.O. Box 2055, Southfield, MI 48037-2055. 
    • Submissions that do not meet above criteria will not be eligible for the competition.   

    2023 Photo Prize Winners

    Last year, over 115 submissions were received and initially reviewed by the Total Living Commission which selected the top 25 finalists that were placed on display and eligible for public voting.

    • First place was awarded to Darren Hood with over 1,200 votes for his photo of the SFLD letters sign shot from the Municipal Campus.

    • Second place was awarded to Anthony Dennard for his photo of the Southfield skyline shot from across the lodge M-10 freeway.  
    • Third place was awarded to Darren Hood for his photo taken of the Southfield Public Library.

    The winning photographs and finalists were featured in the City’s 2024 calendar and other city marketing materials. The 2023 Southfield Photo Prize 1st place winner received a bag of Southfield swag and all finalists received their enlarged photos to keep.  

    For more information, contact Community Relations at, call (248) 796-5130.