Code Enforcement


The Code Enforcement Department works in partnership with the City of Southfield residents and business owners to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment. We work with residents, neighborhood associations, public service agencies, business owners and other City of Southfield departments to enhance the quality of life in our city by eliminating unsightly or hazardous conditions in our neighborhoods and businesses. Code Enforcement covers a variety of codes and ordinances that the city has adopted over the years to address issues and concerns that affect all aspects of our city’s quality of life.

By administering a fair and comprehensive enforcement program that corrects violations of municipal codes, our department enhances property values and preserves the community values that make Southfield a highly desirable city in which to live, work and play.

Common Residential Concerns:

Common Business Concerns:

  • Illegal temporary signs, such as banners and window signs, Contact Building Department. 
  • Outside storage of goods or equipment
  • Lack of landscape maintenance

Addressing Concerns

Problems are addressed in a confidential, friendly and understanding way. Upon receiving a complaint, a code enforcement officer – who is a sworn constable of the city – will notify the property owner to explain the problem and suggest possible solutions. The property owner is then given time to take care of the violation, whether it be by moving an inoperable vehicle to the garage, trimming back weeds, repairing a fence, or relocating trash cans and debris. While most property owners comply after the first notification, those who don't may face enforcement action.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Inspections conducted within 24 hours of receipt.