Crime Prevention


Operation GOT M

On November 1, 2005, the Southfield Police Department, in conjunction with Southfield homeowner’s associations, launched Operation GOT M. This program encourages residents to contact the police department with complaints relating to three specific issues: traffic, loud music and littering. If any of these three violations are observed, residents can call a non-emergency line at (248) 796-GOT M (4686) and leave a voicemail message with any information they can provide. Pertinent information includes: location, license plate number, vehicle description (color/make/model), and a description of the driver. The caller should leave a name and contact number; however, anonymous complaints are also accepted and investigated.

Operation GOT M is monitored by the Police Department and all calls will be logged to track repeat offenders. If enough information is received, the alleged violator will be sent a letter from the police department advising them that a complaint has been made involving their vehicle. Three complaints involving the same vehicle will result in personal contact from an officer who will take the appropriate enforcement action. 
Operation GOT M will contribute to the quality of life Southfield residents expect and enjoy. Residents are reminded that the program is a non-emergency line for traffic, loud music and littering only. If immediate police service is needed residents should call 9-1-1.