Southfield Public Arts Commission


The Southfield Public Arts Commission shall consist of eleven members, six of whom shall be appointed by the City Council, and the remaining five shall be appointed by the Mayor, with confirmation thereof by the City Council. All members of the Commission shall be appointed on the basis of demonstrated experience and knowledge of the arts. Insofar as possible, members of the Commission shall represent and include a landscape architect, a registered architect of the state of Michigan, a visual arts educator, an art gallery owner or operator, an urban designer, an art fundraiser, and three (3) members who are either a recognized visual artist, art collector, or art curator. At least two members of the Commission shall be residents of the City. The remaining members and ex-officio members may or may not be residents of the City.

The purpose of the Commission is to advocate for, promote and participate in the establishment, selection and installation of public artwork in the City, with City Council approval, to serve the public interest, welfare, convenience, and enjoyment through the promotion of the arts in the City of Southfield.


Spotlight on New Public Art:  Anatomy of a Gear, 20732 Negaunee St, Southfield, MI

As an ode to the hustle, bustle and industry of 8 Mile and one of the region’s most esteemed and well-known thoroughfares, gears and mechanisms came naturally to the mural’s design. 

Commissioned by the owner of DMPSignCo, a third-generation sign business originally operated on Detroit’s West side - the machine-like imagery in ‘Anatomy of a Gear’ uses gears of industry to capture what historically made the Detroit/Southfield area unique. Automotive plants and industrial design form the very fabric of landscape and scenery known to the region - but one thing has always been missing; Color! Although Detroit has made a renaissance in artistic and cultural expression the past few years - Southfield has long awaited a vibrant facelift of this kind - especially in this region of the city. 

The completion of this 1,500 square-foot mural marks a collaboration between Detroit City Walls artists Caleb Foerg (@Cablefrog_art) and Erica Husted (, Caleb’s father, Joe at DMPSignCo, and the City of Southfield’s Public Art Commission. ‘Anatomy of a Gear’ was specifically made with Joe in mind. Gears came naturally to the mural’s imagery, as both a common motif in Cablefrog’s work and a piece of imagery near and dear to Joe’s heart as an avid cyclist and Detroit Native. From all of us involved - we hope you enjoy the work!


Beech Woods Mural Winners

The Friends of Southfield Public Arts, in collaboration with the Southfield Public Arts Commission and Southfield Parks and Recreation proudly announce the winning artwork of their mural design contest. The original mural design artwork will be photographically enlarged for an 8’ x 21’ panel at Beech Woods Recreation Center, located at 9 Mile Road and Beech Road in Southfield, MI.

The first place artist was awarded an honorarium of $2000 and will have their panel installed in the Beech Woods Recreation Center. The cost of reproduction and installation of the work is not the responsibility of the artist. The second place artist was awarded an honorarium of $1000.

First Place Mural
First Place Mural created by Sitki Dogan of West Palm Beach, FL
Second Place Mural
Second Place Mural created by Nina Ashraf Asmi of Bloomfield Hills, MI

Meeting Schedule

Arts Commission meetings typically take place the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 5:00 pm in Public Services Conference Room A.  Please call Planning (248) 796-4150 prior to the meeting date to confirm.

Southfield Public Arts Commission 2023 Meeting Schedule (PDF)

Arts Commission Members

Delores Flagg, Chair (term expires: 2/24/26)
Lilian Crum (term expires: 6/13/25)
Harvey Goldstein (term expires: 2/23/26)
Cherron Jones (term expires:  6/13/25)
Jeffrey Ligan (term expires: 4/17/23)
Robert McTaggart (term expires: 2/23/24)
Yvonne Milinsky (term expires: 2/22/25)
Nick Pizana (term expires: 2/24/26)
Kiara Thomas (term expires:  2/22/25)
Dr. Lynda Wood (term expires: 5/10/24)
Adrienne G. Zeigler (term expires:  6/13/25)

Arts Commission Ex-Officio Staff Members

Terry Croad, Director of Planning
Alex Bollin, Planner I
Mary Beall, City Librarian
Terry Fields, Parks & Recreation

City Staff Liaison

Terry Croad, Director of Planning