Handicap Parking Information


Parking in a handicapped parking space is a privilege that is reserved for handicapped persons who properly display a valid plate or permit. Michigan Law requires all three of the following to legally park in a handicapped parking space: (MCL 257.674 and .675):

  1. A person with disability must be transported in the vehicle; and
  2. There must be a valid handicapped permit or a special registration plate; and
  3. The handicapped permit or handicapper plate must be displayed properly. Permits must be displayed on the interior rearview mirror of the vehicle or, if there is no interior rearview mirror, on the lower left corner of the dashboard when the vehicle is parked.

Failure to comply with all three of the above conditions may result in the issuance of a parking violation.Even if you are handicapped and have a valid handicapped permit or plate, you are illegally parked if it is not properly displayed.

Please remember that handicapped parking is a privilege that has certain responsibilities. If the proper permit or plate is not displayed, there is no way to know if a handicapped person is using the parking space. This creates a public perception that a special permit or plate is not needed to park in spaces designated for the handicapped. It also makes it difficult to enforce the law.