Civil Infraction Fines


Read the reverse side of the citation you were given carefully. If you wish to plead guilty or admit responsibility and pay your fine and costs, determine the amount you owe by checking the list of common violations below. If yours is not listed, contact the Court at (248) 796-5860 for parking and civil infraction violations or (248) 796-5880 for misdemeanors. The cashier is open Monday-Friday (excluding holidays) between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

After you have determined the amount of fine and costs you owe, click Payment Instructions.

The following schedule of fine and costs applies to payments accepted prior to a hearing date, but does not apply to cases heard in court. MCR 1.110 requires fines, costs and applicable fees ordered to be paid in full at sentencing.



General Violation Paid WITHIN14 days Paid AFTER 14 days
Careless Driving $215                 $250
Child Restraint Violation $125 $160
Disobey Stop Sign $140 $175
Disobey Traffic Control Device $140 $175
Disobey Traffic Signal $140 $175
Drove on Private Property- Avoid Traffic Signal $140 $175
Drove Wrong Way on One Way Street $140 $175
Equipment Violation/ Defective Equipment $125 $160
Expired Plate $140 $175
Failure to Signal $140 $175
Failure to Yield $140 $175
Failure to Stop within Assured Clear Distance $140 $175
Failure to Stop for School Bus $335 $370
Failure to Maintain Minimum Speed $140 $175
Following Too Close $140 $175
Impeding/Blockading Moving Traffic     $160 $195
Improper or Prohibited Passing $140 $175
Improper Lane Usage $140 $175
Improper Turn $140 $175
No Valid Plate $125 $160
Seat Belt Violation (driver or passenger) $65 $100
Use of Hand Held Cellular Phone     $80     $115
Parking Violations    
Improper/Prohibited Parking or Parked Fire Lane $90 $125
No Parking 3 a.m. to 6 a.m./Tow Away Zone $90 $125
Parking in Handicapped Only Zone $180 $215
Speeding Violations    
1-5 MPH Over Limit $130 $165
6-10 MPH Over Limit $135 $170
11-15 MPH Over Limit $155 $190
16-20 MPH Over Limit $170 $205
21-25 MPH Over Limit $180 $215
26-30 MPH Over Limit $195 $230
31 + MPH Over Limit $215 $250


Violations for which Court may waive fine and costs

Violations listed below may be cleared without fine and costs by correcting the violations and presenting the citation to any law enforcement officer to certify the correction. The citation must then be mailed or presented to the 46th District Court within 14 calendar days of citation issue date.

If certification is not obtained from a law enforcement officer, the following payment schedule will apply:

  Paid WITHIN 14 days Paid AFTER 14 days
No Proof of Registration $125 $160
Defective Equipment $125 $160
No Valid License in Possession $230 $265


Failure to respond to the citation in the prescribed manner will result in:

  • Suspension of your driving privileges with additional $45 added to fine, cost and late fees, and
  • Payment required in cash or certified check only