Community Service


Instructions To the Defendant:

Your sentence includes the opportunity for community service. This means that:

  1. It is your responsibility to locate a non-profit organization to volunteer at.
  2. If you choose a non-profit organization that is not listed in this booklet, it is your responsibility within 2 weeks of today to get prior approval from your probation officer for the particular job that you wish to do. (The agency must include the 501C3 tax identification number).
  3. It is your job to perform the work.
  4. It is your job to ensure that written verification (on the non-profit organization's letterhead) is sent to the Probation Department after completion of required number of hours. You must also return a completed log indicating the hours that were completed.

    If you are on Non-Reporting probation (you report to kiosk), you must provide a copy of the completed hours to your Probation Officer. This must be on the non-profit organization's letterhead and signed and dated by an authorized agent of the organization.

In the past there have been defendants who have been hired by the community service agency because their work was done very well. Others received jobs based on the letters of reference they received from the community service agency. Unfortunately, there are also those who somehow prefer jail. It’s your choice!

Probation Department: (248) 796-5850

Court Approved Community Service Agencies:

Community Service Agencies