Traffic Tickets


You have the following options if you received a civil infraction ticket: 


Admit Responsibility 

Admit responsibility and pay the ticket.  You may avoid late fees by remitting payment within 14 days of citation issue date. Click Civil Infraction Fines for a list of fines. If yours is not listed, call the Court at 248.796.5860 for parking and civil infractions or 248.796.5880 for misdemeanors.

Admit Responsibility with Explanation

Send a letter to the Court with an explanation of the circumstances which the Court may consider in determining the amount of your fines and costs. The offense will not be dismissed or reduced and any licensing points imposed by the Secretary of State will not be reduced.

Request a Civil Infraction Conference

Depending on your driving record and the circumstances of the current violation, you may be eligible to request a conference with a representative from the police department for the purpose of reaching a plea agreement. The officer who issued your ticket will not be subpoenaed to appear. At the conference, you and a police representative will have the opportunity to discuss plea options. Neither side may be represented by an attorney. If you are unable to reach a plea agreement for any reason, you will still have the opportunity to deny responsibility for the charge and proceed to either an informal or formal hearing. If you decide to request a hearing, it would be on a subsequent date, not on the same day as your Civil Infraction Conference. To request a Civil Infraction Conference, call the Court at 248.796. 5860.

Deny Responsibility and Request an Informal Hearing

Deny responsibility and request an Informal Hearing in front of a Magistrate. The officer who issued your ticket will be subpoenaed for the hearing. Both you and the police officer will be required to present the facts of your case to the Magistrate. The Magistrate will then make a determination as to your responsibility for the offense based on the evidence presented. Neither party may have an attorney present for the hearing. To request an Informal Hearing, call the Court at 248.796.5860.

Deny Responsibility and Request a Formal Hearing 

Deny responsibility for the offense and request a Formal Hearing in front of a Judge. The officer who issued the ticket will be subpoenaed for the hearing and will be represented by the prosecuting attorney. You may also have an attorney present. Both parties will be requested to present the facts of the case to the Judge. The Judge will then make a determination as to your responsibility based on the evidence presented.  To request a Formal Hearing, call the Court at 248.796.5860.

Online Ticket and Warrant Review and Resolution

The 46th District Court is pleased to offer online case review as a part of our initiative to expand access to justice and strive for efficiency and fairness.  You may be able to resolve your matter without the need to appear in court.

You can now request a review of traffic violations and certain types of warrants through an online program. If you think you have a matter at the 46th District Court, go to to search your name.

If you received a ticket for both a civil infraction and a misdemeanor, please follow the misdemeanor instructions on the front of the ticket.