Southfield Veterans' Commission

Serving all Veterans in the City of Southfield

The board members of the Southfield Veterans' Commission 
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or in writing at

Southfield Veterans' Commission
City of Southfield
P.O. Box 2055
Southfield MI 48037-2055


Special Notice: 

If you are a veteran in emotional crisis and need help immediately, call this toll-free number: 1-800-273-8255 and tell them you are a veteran. The line is offered 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week and all calls are completely confidential.

Special Notice: 

If you are a veteran in need of housing or are homeless contact the VA Homeless Veterans Hotline at 1-877-424-3838.


"Veterans Job Fair, Thursday August 24th"  

The Southfield Veterans' Commission, along with the American Society of Employers & Michigan Works, is hosting a Vet Job Fair in the Southfield Pavilion, 26000 Evergreen, from 9AM till 1PM.  Currently there are over 65 employers ready to discuss jobs!  Bring numerous copies of your resume & dress for success.  For more information see flyer.

"Veterans History Project" 

The Southfield Veterans' Commission is currently working with the Library of Congress and the Southfield Public Library gathering interviews for the American History Series.  We are asking all veterans to share their stories with everyone across the country.  Currently interviews are being done various times at the Southfield Police Department, to suit the interviewee.  Participating veterans will also receive a copy of the interview for their own family record on DVD.  You do not need to be a Southfield resident to participate in this program. Veterans wishing to be interviewed need to contact us schedule a date and time at the above phone number or e-mail address so that the necessary paperwork can get started.  You will need to sign a release form for the Library of Congress, complete a bio form, etc.  As of January, 2017, 357 vets have been interviewed.  More information on the Veterans History Project can be found at  The most important form is the Basic Information Page.  Completing this form will help speed up the process.  The form cab be downloaded at

"Assistance for Jobless Veterans"  

Are you a veteran and need a job? The State of Michigan has a veterans employment specialist located right here in Southfield at the John Grace Center, 21030 Indian St.  The office is there to provide veterans with employment assistance; mainly providing them with the tools they need to search for jobs (positions) out in the community, as they partner with “Employment Services” at Michigan Works!   Contact Mr. Fred Pittman at 248-796-4569 or email him at


"Old Warrior Camp" 

Do you know a returning vet that needs some time to unwind and relax? In the Upper Peninsula of Michigan there is a camp where fishing, hunting, riding are all available for free. For more information go to or e-mail

"Free Veteran Legal Clinic" 

Are you having issues with the VA? Need some legal help with all the VA paperwork? The University of Detroit-Mercy offers free legal services for veterans which is part of their Project Salute which is in it's 5th year.  For more information contact U of D-M at 888-836-5294, visit their website at, or see attached flyer.

"Veterans Aid & Assistance Program"  

Are you taking care of a veteran?  Have a veteran in a nursing home?  Have the spouse of a veteran in a nursing home or taking care of at home?  A little known program of the VA might be able to help.  VA Program S-38 might be able to supply to you up to $20,000 a year toward the care of a veteran or spouse, or widow of a veteran.  Naturally there are qualifications to meet, more then can be covered here.  Details on this program and assistance on how to apply can be found at

"New GI Bill"  

The Veterans Education Act of 2008 was passed last summer.  This affects all veterans who have served since 9/11/01 and goes into affect on August 1, 2009.  The American Legion is sponsoring a Web site to provide information to current veterans on what this new program will provide.  To find out more about the New GI Bill go to

"Veteran Housing Project"  

Are you a disabled or a low income veteran and having problems cutting the weeds in your backyard, fixing a leaking sink, need a wheelchair ramp installed, etc.  The Oakland County chapter of the Rebuilding Together program may be able to help.  Their volunteers will come to your house, cut your weeds, fix that leak, build you a wheelchair ramp.  For more information visit or call Mr. Jerry McKay at 248-889-5450.  Also see attached flyer.

"Social Security Benefits for Wounded Veterans" 

If you are a disabled veteran, and receiving benefits from the VA, you may still be entitled to extra benefits from the Social Security Administration.  For more information check with the Social Security Administration local office or visit:

"Social Security Benefits for Vets prior to 1967"  

In many cases veterans that served prior to 1967 did not get full credit for their service with the Social Security Administration.  If you are retiring be sure to take a copy of your DD-214 to the SSA office.  If you are retired take a copy of your discharge papers to the SSA to get your earning record corrected.  This might mean more per month for you.

"Free Tuition for Returning Vets" 

Western Michigan University's trustees have initiated a Returning Veterans Tuition Assistance Program designed to help recently discharged veterans with the cost of college. The program waives tuition for the first semester on campus. The current cost for a semester of tuition for a typical full time student is $3,088.  Eligible veterans must begin school at Western Michigan University within six months of discharge from active duty for purposes other than training.  Contact Western Michigan University for more information.

"Combat Veterans Program" 

The John D. Dingell VA Medical Center has a team of providers who specialize in the assessment and treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The mission of the PTSD Clinical Team (PCT) is to provide comprehensive, individualized, and state-of-the art treatment for veterans who have been impacted by traumatic events that occurred during military service. The program provides assessment for PTSD, education, group and individual therapy, and assistance with connecting to other needed services. If you believe you or your family member would benefit from these services, please contact the PCT at 313-576-1000, extension 65770. You may also contact the PCT Coordinator, Christina Hall, LMSW, directly at 313-576-4962.

Updated February 1, 2017