Vehicle Storage & Parking

  • Unlicensed and/or junk vehicles should not be parked on the property other than in the garage. Major vehicle repairs, such as engine and transmission overhauls and bodywork that require extensive time to complete, should not be attempted in residential areas.
  • Vehicles may not be stored outside of┬áresidential property for extended periods of time. They must be kept in the garage.
  • Recreational vehicles, domestic trailers, boats, and travel trailers exceeding 20 feet must be stored completely within an enclosed garage. Vehicles, boats, and trailers less than 20 feed in length must be stored in the rear yard or inside garage.
  • All vehicles should be parked on defined driveways; not on any┬álandscaped areas. Automobiles should not be parked on the lawn or between the sidewalk and the roadway.
  • It is illegal to park vehicles for sale in area parking lots. Vehicles in violation will be tagged and towed.