Zoning Board of Appeals


Instructions for filing Zoning Board of Appeals Applications

Regular meetings of the Zoning Board of Appeals are held the first and third Tuesdays of each month,subject to change for holidays, etc. If there is only one case received, your case may be moved to the next meeting.

1. Fill out the form(s) completely. Residential appeals require the inclusion of a Mortgage or Land Survey. Commercial appeals require a site plan.

2. All submittals require the following:

     a. A scale of not less than 1 inch = 20 feet.

     b. The location of all drives, approaches and parking layout.

     c. The location and size of all existing and proposed structures. Show all overhangs, porches, fences and walls.

     d. The dimensions of all lot and property lines and the relationship of the subject property to abutting properties. All                  existing buildings/structures and proposed construction shall be shown on the plan.

     e. Show right-of-way widths of all abutting streets and alleys.

     f. The date of preparation and the north point.

     g. The name and address of the person preparing the plan.

     h. If the appeal involves a waiver of lot coverage, computation of lot and building areas shall be shown.

SIGNS - With respect to appeals regarding signs, in addition to the information contained in 2 (a-h), it will be necessary that an accurately dimensioned plan showing detailed elevations and twelve (12) color renderings of the sign(s) be provided along with a digital version of renderings submitted by email to: bsettipani@cityofsouthfield.com.

DWELLINGS - If the appeal involves the moving of a dwelling into the city (existing, modular, pre-manufactured), plans & elevations for the home must also be submitted along with a digital version of drawings submitted by email to: bsettipani@cityofsouthfield.com.

3. Return notarized application form with seven (7) copies of the plans along with a digital version submitted by email to: bsettipani@cityofsouthfield.com. Plans for commercial appeals must be sealed by a registered design professional. PLANS MUST BE FOLDED INSETS, TO A 9" X 12" SIZE.

4. When the application is filed, the fee is paid and all required documents are received, a case number is assigned. It is then entered on the agenda of the next available regular meeting as a new case. You will be notified of your meeting date.

5. If the appellant is not the property owner, the appropriate authorization letter must be completed, signed by the property owner, notarized and included with the appeal application documents.

6. All property owners registered on the tax roll within three hundred (300) feet of the affected property will receive a Legal Notice by mail notifying them of the appeal.

7. At the public hearing, the owner, authorized appellant or other authorized representative must appear to present the appeal.

8. At the time of the public hearing, the Zoning Board of Appeals will hear any arguments for or against the proposed request and may either grant or deny the request. The denial or approval will not become effective until the minutes of the meeting have been approved.

9. In all instances, a building, sign, occupancy or use permit must be issued and effectuated to validate an appeal that has been favorable to the appellant.

10. In the event that your appeal is tabled, new revised plans and any amendments to the original appeal must be in this office no later than the Thursday preceding the tabled meeting date.

11. If you anticipate a difficult presentation or would like to more clearly illustrate your request, facilities are available for visual presentations with adequate notification.