Building in Southfield


Before beginning a building project, whether new construction, alteration or repair, the homeowner and/or builder should be aware that permits may be required. Please call the City of Southfield Building and Safety Engineering Department at (248) 796-4100 for specific information about the permits required for a particular project.

As a general rule, any construction involving a structural change to a building, complete or partial rehabilitation, new or re-roofing, or any new construction, will require a building permit. Work not requiring permits include most routine maintenance and repair, such as painting, caulking, vinyl sheet flooring, carpeting,  new cabinets and tuckpointing.

It is important to note that the City of Southfield and State of Michigan Law requires separate permits for electrical, plumbing, and heating systems. Homeowners should take care to select qualified, licensed and insured contractors to perform this work.

For more information, call the Building Department at (248) 796-4100.