In the event that a water main breaks, requiring that the water supply must be turned off immediately, the Water Department will make every effort to go door-to-door to inform each billing customer effected by the turn-off. However, at times, under emergency circumstances, this notification is not always possible. Although this on-the-spot turn-off is inconvenient to the customers, it cannot be controlled by the department. 

If it is necessary for the department to turn water off in an area due to scheduled construction, the water customers affected by the turn-off will be notified in advance. 


When the water supply is reactivated following a turn-off, it is common for discoloration to occur in the water flow of the billing customer’s household or building. Turning on a cold water faucet, preferably in a basement, and allowing the water to run for a short time until the discoloration has cleared can remedy this. The discolored water is NOT contaminated but it is recommended to wait until the water is clear before using. If you have concerns about discolored water call (248) 796-4850.

Discolored water can also occur as a result of construction in a given area, or when the fire hydrants are being serviced.


Southfield’s water is supplied by the Southeastern Oakland County Water Authority. The Water Authority performs water quality testing on a regular schedule as part of the supply procedures.

If a billing customer has concerns about the quality of their individual water supply, a water test can be requested through the Oakland County Health Division, located in Southfield on Greenfield Road at Catalpa, (248)424-7000.

For water billing, new water or sewer service, water service shut off, or troubleshooting problems, call (248) 796-4850. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.