Yard Waste/Brush Collection


Yard waste and brush are collected from mid April through mid November (weather permitting).

Yard Waste is collected curbside on your regularly scheduled rubbish collection day. Yard waste must be placed in approved paper bags or containers (32-gallon max) clearly marked with a yard waste sticker that may be obtained by calling (248) 796-4860; OR THE CONTAINER (32-gallon max) may be marked with a "Y." YARD WASTE IN PLASTIC BAGS WILL NOT BE COLLECTED .

Brush Collection
The following are guidelines to help you follow the regulations for the curbside pick up of brush:

  • No limbs over 8" in diameter;
  • Branches shorter than 4' must be tied in bundles less than 60lbs per bundle, or in compost containers or bags;
  • Vines must be bundled or in compost bags;
  • No logs, roots or stumps;
  • No complete shrub with roots attached;
  • All branches must be stacked at the curb with the cut ends facing the street; and
  • Branches less than 2” in diameter must be bagged or bundled.

Questions regarding yard waste collection may be directed to the Public Works Department at (248) 796-4860.