Purchasing Department

Request for Additional Proposals for Building Lease for City of Southfield Michigan Works Facility

The City of Southfield is accepting additional proposals for Building Lease for City of Southfield Michigan Works Facility. Bids must be emailed to purchasingdept@cityofsouthfield.com by 10:00 am Friday, April 19, 2024. If you have questions regarding the City of Southfield bidding process, please call 248-796-5250.

Request for proposals

The mission of the Purchasing Department is to provide and ensure a high quality of service to city departments and the taxpayers of Southfield.  This is accomplished by awarding contracts to highly qualified vendors who meet bid and proposal specifications and a thorough background investigation.   The Purchasing Department promises to obtain the best quality of goods and services by maximizing its purchasing power through integrity, equality, efficiency and effectiveness.

The Purchasing Department is a centralized operation servicing all departments of the City of Southfield. The primary responsibilities of the department include:

  • review and approve all requisitions for tangible items and services;
  • conduct formal bids for all items exceeding $10,000, in accordance with the City Charter and the Purchasing Ordinance;
  • ensure compliance with special regulations governing bids to be awarded under Federal grants;
  • reallocate usable surplus property within the City or dispose of it by auction or other suitable means;
  • allocate, maintain, purchase and replace office equipment for City departments;
  • and research and evaluate bid specifications, products, services, and vendors.

The Purchasing Department actively participates in cooperative purchasing agreements with other tax supported agencies as a way to maximize the use of our tax dollars. These agreements include contracts that have been bid by the Oakland County Purchasing Department and the Road Commission for Oakland County, as well as member agencies of the Michigan Inter-Governmental Trade Network (MITN) consortium.