Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) concept is another method of teaching disaster preparedness, but is specifically intended for training teams of people with similar interests, such as neighborhood associations, business groups, faith-based organizations, etc. to help themselves in their own jurisdictions (homes, churches or places of business), or to assist local first responders, if requested.  CERT training is also avalable for individuals.

The CERT concept includes all the likely actions a team, or an individual may utilize in the aftermath of a disaster such as, search and rescue techniques, debris removal, first aid, small fire containment, etc. To become a certified CERT team, attendance at a FREE 20-hour class as well as a commitment to ongoing training is required.

The Southfield Emergency Management Division realizes not all persons can obligate themselves to the 20 hour requirement in addition to the ongoing commitment of review training. In order to accommodate for this challenge we developed several levels of Disaster Preparedness training with less rigorous time requirements. Whatever level you chose, upon completion you will be better prepared to act during a disaster. For more information, or register to take any CERT level class, call (248) 796-5990 and leave a voice message including your name, address, and phone number.

The following CERT classes are free:

  • 2 hour class - Awareness, classroom presentation for groups or individuals
  • 8 hours - Practical, classroom presentation and functional exercise for groups or individuals.
  • Those interested in the 20 hour course, call (248) 796-5990 to inquire.

Additional Information

More information on the CERT concept available at