Central Services

This budgetary center, which is under the control of Technology Services, provides internal services to all City departments. Telephone charges, business cards, centralized print services, office supplies, and mailroom services are all provided by this division.  

The mailroom processes over 20,000 pieces of mail each month.  Thousands of copies of color and black/white print jobs are printed each month for city departments.  Payroll Checks, Accounts Payable Checks, The Southfield Scribe, and most paper forms/flyers distributed by Human Services, P&R, Library, Clerk's Office, 46th District Court, Career Center and other city departments are all examples of work  performed in Central Services.   

Central Services also purchases paper, in all sizes and colors, printer cartridges, city envelopes, city letterhead, and office supplies for distribution.  This fast-paced department currently has 2 employees that are also responsible for lamination, 3-hole punch, folding, collating, shipping and receiving for the entire city in addition to the monitoring of asset management, tracking and invoicing of all consumables.   

The in-house central printing operation reduces our dependence on outside sources for the above services at substantial savings and convenience to the City.  Demonstrating the City's concern for the environment, substantial use of recycled paper and recyclable commodities is evident, and bid specifications routinely include these considerations in the purchasing process.