RCOC advises driver caution on gravel roads in Oakland County

March 29, 2019

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The Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) advises drivers to use caution on gravel roads during the upcoming weeks.

Weather over the past few weeks, ranging from snow, rain, frigid temperatures and the current warmer conditions, is causing very rough conditions on many of the nearly 760 miles of gravel roads in Oakland County. In many places, the ground remains frozen below the road surface, meaning there is nowhere for water from the rain and melting snow to go. Until the ground completely thaws, the water simply cannot be absorbed, which is causing soft and wet/muddy conditions on many gravel road surfaces. Sunny days and consistently warmer temperatures will tremendously help dry the gravel roads so proper grading can be done.

Placing heavy equipment, such as road graders, on the roads can make the situation worse, so crews will continue to spot grade and add material where possible. The rain has also contributed to washout-like conditions, especially in some hilly areas.

Culverts under driveways to businesses and homes should also be cleared of leaves and debris to assure that storm water will properly flow through ditches and reduce the potential for road flooding. It is important for motorists to be on the lookout for water over the road regardless of whether they are driving on a paved or gravel road.

For more information or to report an issue, contact the Road Commission for Oakland County at (877) 858-4804.