Planning Commission February 9 Study Meeting Agenda

February 4, 2022

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FEBRUARY 9, 2022

6:30 P.M.






A.  PSP21-0013 is the Site Plan Review Request of Halo Architects, Inc, for interior and exterior modifications to convert the existing Star Theater to a religious institution for Triumph Church, property located at 25333 W Twelve Mile Road, Sidwell Parcel 2417-126-050, on the south side of W Twelve Mile Road between Case and Lockdale,Supervisor's Plat No 5 Part Of Lots 20 To 25 Incl, Also Of Supervisor's Plat No 6 Part Of Lots 31 To 34 Incl,Section 17, City of Southfield, Oakland County, State of Michigan.

B. PSP22-0001 is the Site Plan Review Request of Skye Construction, to construct a new exterior stairway leading to a rooftop deck on the existing building located at 29444 Northwestern Highway, Sidwell Parcel 2407-326-008, Supervisors Plat No. 2 E 123 Ft Of W 244.5 Ft Of Lot 2, on the north side of Northwestern Highway between Franklin and Rosemond, Section 7, City of Southfield, Oakland County, State of Michigan.

C. PZRRUDD22-0001 is a Rezoning Request to Create a Residential Unit Development District to rezone 4.62 acres of land from R-1, Single Family to Residential Unit Development District (RUDD), property located at 21030 Indian Street, on the east side of Indian between W Eight Mile Road and Shiawassee, Sidwell Parcel 2431-376-033, Thomas Hitchmans Subdivision Lots 7 & 9, Also N 140 Ft Of Lot 11 8-23-21 Corr Section  31, City of Southfield, Oakland County, State of Michigan.

D. PUBLIC COMMENTS – A person addressing the Commission shall be limited to a period of three (3) minutes unless such period of time is extended by the presiding officer or by majority vote of the Commission.

The following Rules of Procedure have been established for all speakers:

  • No speaker may make personal or impertinent attacks upon any officer, employee, or Planning Commission member, that is unrelated to the manner in which the officer, employee, or  Planning Commission member, performs his or her duties. 
  • No person shall use abusive or threatening language toward any individual when addressing the Planning Commission.

Any person who violates this section shall be directed by the presiding officer to be orderly and silent.  If a person addressing the Planning Commission refuses to become silent when so directed, such person may be deemed by the presiding officer to have committed a “breach of the peace” by  disrupting and impeding the orderly conduct of the public meeting of the Planning Commission and may be ordered by the presiding officer to leave the meeting. If the person refuses to leave as directed, the presiding officer may take whatever actions are necessary to remove the person from the meeting.

E. Minutes:          January 12, 2022 Study Meeting

                             January 19, 2022 Regular Meeting

                             January 26, 2022 Regular Meeting

F. Miscellaneous: CIP Presentations – February 16, 2022 Study Meeting at 3:00 P.M.