City of Southfield to sponsor Arbor Day tree planting April 28 at Southfield Municipal Campus

April 20, 2023

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The city of Southfield will sponsor a tree planting ceremony on Friday, April 28 at 1 p.m. at the Municipal Campus (26000 Evergreen Road) as part of an Arbor Day observance.

Mayor Ken Siver and other elected officials will join city staff and residents in planting a crabapple tree in front of City Hall, rain or shine, following a brief ceremony. The city of Southfield has a long history of preserving green spaces and enacting ordinances that protect the environment. As a proud Tree City USA Award recipient for the past 35 consecutive years, Southfield has long been committed to protecting green spaces with over 800 acres of park land including more than 400 acres of woodlands and wetlands set aside for preservation. The City of Southfield has also won several awards for its green, environmentally-friendly policies, programs and projects.

Healthy trees in our communities improve our environment. In addition to the visual impact of trees, tree canopies and root systems provide a natural filter to our water supply and reduce storm water runoff, flooding and erosion. Trees are also good for business. Research shows that consumers respond positively to shopping environments with healthy urban forests. Tree lawns contribute to perceptions of more walkable streets, which can promote more physical activity in children and youth. These are just some of the many benefits trees provide for our community.

Michigan is home to a wealth of natural resources. Trees are one such resource that can act as a symbol for stewardship. The simple act of tree planting exposes youth and adults to a hands-on sustainable development practice. Individuals witness a change being made environmentally and for the communities they live in.

Recognizing the importance and value of connecting to our natural resources, the Michigan Arbor Day Alliance (MADA) is a coalition of organizations and agencies dedicated to the promotion and celebration of Arbor Day throughout Michigan. Since 1993, MADA has provided educational programs and services to Michigan communities that focus on the importance of trees and their role in community health and well-being.