City of Southfield salutes 2021 Community Pride Award winners

September 10, 2021

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The city of Southfield recognized the beautification efforts of over 140 residents as well as numerous neighborhoods, condominiums, apartments, schools and businesses at the annual Community Pride Awards Ceremony on August 26.

The program is sponsored annually by Southfield’s Neighborhood and Information Center (a division of Community Relations) and the Southfield Parks and Garden Club. The program’s goal is to give recognition to those that have gone the extra mile in their respective beautification efforts. All winners were mailed personal congratulatory letters from the Mayor and an official awards ceremony took place on August 26, 2021 in the Southfield Pavilion where award certificates of recognition and lawn signs were presented to acknowledge their sustained efforts in keeping Southfield beautiful. Each year, residents are encouraged to nominate individual homeowners, neighborhoods, condominiums, apartments, businesses and even themselves.

2021 Community Pride Awards Winners:


Ravines Civic Association



Beacon Square Civic Association

Kingsley Estates Neighborhood Association

Ravines Civic Association

Secluded Valley Civic Association

Wildhern-McDonnell Court Neighborhood Association


APARTMENTS (Category #3)

Laurel Woods Apartments



5000 Town Center Condominium Association

Villa Pointe Condominium Association



Chanticleer Condominium Association

Cumberland Village Condominium Association

The Vistas Condominium Association


CHURCHES (Category #6)

Hope United Methodist Church


SCHOOLS (Category #7)

Lawrence Technological University

PERENNIALS (Category #8)

Dilbert & Lynette Adams                                             

Rachel Baker                                                     

Thomas & Delores Bracy                              

Margaret Banchero                                        

Heywood & Lillie Burgess                                                            

Arnetta Burroughs                                          

Wade & Tracey Cook                                     

Debyleen Coty                                                

William & Cheryl Cray                    

Gene & Dianne Cross                                     

Mary Ellen Emmons                                       

Willie & Annie Gainey                   

Eric & Gloria Hardy                                         

William & Carol Hardy                   

Mary & Wayne Knox                                      

Derrick & Tracy Lee                                        

Tyrone & Tonya Lewis                   

Calvin & Niba Mathaw                  

Lizzie Mays                                                        

Peter McClain                                                   

William & Linda McCray               

Peter & Cynthia Osborne 

Winston & Jewell Owens

Joann & Joseph Paholak

Deborah Payne

Lorine & Malvin Porter

John & Jean Potts

Margaret Rankin

Devlin & Yvette Scarber                                    

James L. Small                                                       

Melissa & Ted Smith

Herman & Cleveria Strickland

Gregory Walker

Irene Walrad

Isaac & Donna Washington

John & Willie Lee Whitby

Cleaven & Patricia Wiley                                   

Nancy Wisniewski

Frederick, Christopher and Jerome Wooten

Artist Wright

Chanita Wright-Hicks

Norman Yono


RESIDENTIAL (Category #9)

Ebonie Adams                                                  

Stephen Barnes                                               

Pat Beck                                                              

Alex & Judy Brankiewicz               

Brett Brown                                                      

Nicole Brown                                                    

Geniver Chapman                                           

David Cole                                                          

Ruth & Lawrence Daniels                             

Lemar & Dinah Davenport

Leonard Davis   

Percy Davis

Dale Dobbins                                    

Brandy Folks                                                     

La’Kesha Ford                                                   

Lenore Ford-Brown & Rodney Brown

Acquanetta Foster                                                          

Keith & Janice Gray

Haviva & Noam Greenbaum

Melinda & Ed Griffith

Rhonda Hahn

Edward & Frances Hewlett

Kenneth Hill

Alan Hitsky

Walter & Velma Holman

Elon Hughes

Karel Hyche

Robert & Christine Jackson

George Jalaba, Jr.

Barbara, Daryl, Miya & Neema Johnson

LaShawn Johnson

Randall & Lisa Johnson

Vassal & Doris Johnson

Junior Johnson                                 

Henrietta Jones                                               

Dannie & Charylen Jones             

Charles & Mary Lee                        

Noreen Lusk                                      

Antwane Maddox                           

John & Shirley Mallet                     

Shawn McElroy                                

Mario Meneghel                             

Barbara Michevicius                       

Niccole & DeDan Milton

Kathryn Moss                                   

Cheryl Newton

Nicole Avery Nichols                                                                      

Brenda Payne                   

Tamira Perkins 

Gwendolyn & Paterson Pitts       

Krystal Player                                                    

Aprill Pratt                                         

James Reynolds

Craig & April Rhoads

Joan Ritchea

Dianne Rowader

Ernestine Sanders

Harold & Lisa Sawyer

Morris & Karen Schrock

Bill Selenger

Nancy Sovran

Hilary Springer

Kathy Thompson

Ronald Walker

Wayne & Patsy Weems

Eric Weiss

Amon Wilds & Heather Perez

Steve Wilkinson

Pastella Williams

Lewis & Deborah Williams           

Ronald Woods  

John & Sharon Zook       

Aryn Zwierzchowski



Valerie Anderson                            

Shelee Beard                                    

Wrenette Graves                            

Atcho Hadir                                        

Roy Harvey                                        

Anthony & Carol Holland

Svetlana Klyuvgand

Andrea Lyles-Walker

Murray Mullins

Linda Trotter

Bennie & Genine Williams


BUSINESSES – SMALL  (Category #11)

Exxon Mobile Station     

Jax Kar Wash & Auto Detailing


BUSINESSES - LARGE (Category #12)

Travelers Tower I & II


For more information, call the City of Southfield Neighborhood & Information Center at (248) 796-5140.