City of Southfield launches ‘Business Catalyst’ to help companies succeed

March 3, 2019

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New online toolbox provides valuable resources and information for entrepreneurs and small businesses

Southfield Business Development launched the Business Catalyst, a new online resource that provides entrepreneurs and small businesses access to information about the local economy, customers and competition. View the Business Catalyst portal at:

“The new Southfield Business Catalyst is a wonderful resource for small businesses and entrepreneurs,” stated Rochelle Freeman, Southfield’s business and economic development director. “This online toolbox will give small businesses access to information about the Southfield market, providing entrepreneurs with tools to make educated business decisions. We know this information will be an asset to help business owners thrive in Southfield.”

The interactive toolbox features a wide variety of market data that is easily accessible, clear and up-to-date. Entrepreneurs will be able to access all the information they need for effective business decision-making, including:

• Business Climate

• Industry Trends

• Customers

• Competition

• Local Opportunities

• Zoning Controls

• Workforce

• Available Properties

“It can be challenging for new businesses and entrepreneurs to find the correct resources and information they need to create effective business plans,” added Southfield Mayor Kenson Siver. “The Southfield Business Catalyst will address these challenges by providing the most current data available in one convenient place. We’re excited to offer this toolbox and want entrepreneurs to know that Southfield is open for business!”

The new web tools were developed by technology firm, Localintel. A Calgary-based tech startup, Localintel harnesses the potential of big data to help communities promote their strengths, share market intelligence and support local business growth. Localintel was recently awarded the 2017 Innovation Alley Award from the Smart Cities Council.


For more information, contact Southfield Business Development at (248) 796-4160.