City of Southfield Branch & Brush Collection Guidelines

March 20, 2024

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The following are the guidelines to help you follow the regulations for the curbside pick-up of branches and brush:

  • Branches must be stacked at the curb with the cut ends facing the street; and branches less than 2” in diameter and 4’ in length should be put in compost bag or can. Smaller sticks and twigs should be placed out for compost collection in a yard bag or can.
  • Brush piles should be no longer than 8’ in length, and 36” in height (approximately 2 full strides in length and slightly above the knee in height).
  • No limbs over 6” in diameter.
  • Vines and all branches with thorns must be put in compost bags, and not left for the chipper.
  • No logs, roots, stumps, dirt, timber, railroad ties, building material, rocks, or other rubbish.
  • Residents may have to rake up small branches after the large piles are removed.
  • The collection of large amounts of brush resulting from tree removal or lot clearing requires the use of a private tree removal service. DPW will not chip tree removals done by a contractor or resident.
  • Whole trees or parts of entire trees will not be taken at any time.
  • Once area is cleared, crews will not return to that area.