Court Program


The 46th District Court provides programs and services which are indicative of its active and responsible role in the administration of justice.

  • Community Dispute Resolution: The Community Dispute Resolution Act was passed in 1988 and provides for the implementation of community-based programs to voluntarily resolve disputes as an alternative to the judicial process. The representatives from the Oakland Mediation Center used mediation and conciliation as a means of solving problems and focuses on resolutions that are satisfactory to both parties.

  • The Oakland Mediation Center: A private, non-profit organization providing community dispute resolution services as an alternative to traditional court proceedings, is available on site. The Center receives referrals from the court, City Attorney and other City departments. Since its inception, it has helped resolve more than 5,000 cases, ranging from neighbor disputes to landlord-tenant matters. The program relieves court caseloads and instructs citizens in valuable conflict resolution skills, providing an excellent community resource. For more information, call (248) 796-5845.

  • Educational Group Visits/ Tours: The 46th District Court encourages the community to learn more about its operation and jurisdiction through special educational tours/ visits offered by administration. Visiting groups tour the facility, receive an orientation on local operations, observe courtroom proceedings, and meet with judges, if time allows. For more information, call Deputy Court Administrator Tera Jackson-Davis at (248) 796-5806

  • Community Service Program: This sentencing alternative provides judges with the opportunity to order offenders to perform community volunteer work as part of their sentence or in lieu of payment of fines and costs, if they are indigent. Placements are found in governmental or community non-profit agencies and are supervised by the Probation Department.

  • Work Program: The Work Program sentencing alternative allows low-risk misdemeanor offenders to perform manual labor in lieu of serving short periods of incarceration. The offenders pay the court's cost for supervision and are assigned to work projects such as collecting trash on our community's streets and highways.

  • Law Day Program: Each year, May 1 is proclaimed "Law Day" to encourage citizens to learn about their rights and our legal system. The 46th District Court judges speak at schools and community organizations and participate in a variety of programs including "Lawfair," Bar Association events and educational programs for attorneys and the general public.