City Charter Pertaining to the Mayor


Section 5.5 Powers and duties of mayor.

The mayor shall, in addition to any powers and duties otherwise provided by law, have powers and duties as follows:

(a) He shall execute or authenticate by his signature, such instruments as the council, this Charter, or any state or federal law shall require; he shall validate all bonds, notes, and contracts to which the city is a party, by his signature, along with that of the clerk;

(b) He shall appoint, with approval of the council, the city attorney, assessor and planner;

(c) He shall review the budget as received from the city administrator, and deliver it to the council with his recommendations;

(d) He shall give the council information concerning the affairs of the city and recommend such measures as he deems expedient;

(e) He shall, in emergencies, have the powers conferred by law upon sheriffs to prevent disorder, preserve the public peace and health, and provide for the safety of persons and property;

(f) He shall be the ceremonial head of the city;

(g) He may attend all city council meetings and take part in all discussions, but he shall not have the right to vote;

(h) He shall be responsible for the establishment of a civil defense organization and may appoint a director;

(i) He shall have veto powers as provided in section 4.20 of this Charter;

(j) He, or his designated representative, shall act as liaison agent of the city in all matters between the city and other municipalities and political bodies.