AARP Community Survey


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AARP Age Friendly Community Survey

 On September 26, 2016, a joint resolution from the Mayor and City Council supported an application for the city of Southfield to seek designation as an AARP "Age Friendly Community." This application will be part of a process designed to make the City of Southfield more welcoming to current and future older residents by addressing issues in eight areas which enhance livability. Those areas, referred to as domains, include the following: 1) Outdoor Spaces and Buildings; 2) Transportation; 3) Housing; 4) Social Participation, Inclusion and Education Opportunities; 5) Respect and Social Inclusion; 6) Civic Participation and Employment; 7) Communication and Information; and 8) Community and Health Services.  This process is being led by the City's Commission on Senior Adults, which is collaborating with other city departments, boards and commissions.

How can you get involved? There are several ways to become involved, including completing this online survey. In addition, you can join one of the eight work groups addressing the areas listed above. You can also attend one of the upcoming meetings of the Commission on Senior Adults and provide public comment on the process. For information about having input into this important process, please contact Rhonda Terry, the city of Southfield's liaison to the Commission on Senior Adults at We look forward to your participation in the process to improve the lives of Southfield's senior adults, who comprise over 40% of our city's population.