Neighborhoods Association Resource Guide


A neighborhood association serves its members by working with various community and service organizations and individuals to provide input on issues that affect the neighborhood and undertake efforts to address the concerns of the neighborhood. A neighborhood association can also serve as simply a fun way to get to know your neighbors.   


Neighborhood associations require resident involvement, commitment, planning, and organization. Neighborhood associations can be directed by a steering committee or board of directors. The members of the steering committee or board of directors should have a long-term commitment of time and energy. This handbook is designed to be used as a resource guide by neighborhood associations in various stages of development. The handbook contains instructional information on how to develop, organize and maintain a neighborhood association.  

The Resource Guide is primarily aimed at voluntary neighborhood associations. Townhome or condo associations may have legal and financial requirements that are not covered in this handbook. There is, however, information about agendas, meetings, and suggestions on how to have a successful organization that can be valuable to any neighborhood association.   


This handbook is to be used as a reference guide and all instructional information is optional. Your group is encouraged to select items of interest, change them to fit your needs, or feel free to create and develop your own unique system for your neighborhood. The information and materials contained in this guide are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice of any kind.  You should contact an attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or concern. Use of the information and materials contained in this guide is not intended to and does not create any attorney-client relationship. 


If you need assistance, please contact the Neighborhood & Information Center at (248) 796-5140.

Neighborhood Associations' Resource Guide (PDF)