Business Registration Program


All Southfield businesses must register with Code Enforcement by City Ordinance

The Southfield City Council enacted new Business Registration Ordinance 1742 at the August 16, 2021 City Council meeting. With more than 10,000 businesses and over 100 "Fortune 500" companies, Southfield’s Business Registration Program will enable the City to provide enhanced police and fire protection, establish a registry of businesses to increase general information for city staff and the public, and to help promote registered businesses throughout the city.

By city ordinance, all Southfield businesses must register with the City through the Code Enforcement Department. Applications will be mailed directly to all Southfield businesses in addition to being available at the offices of the City Clerk, Code Enforcement, and on the City’s website at There is an annual $50 registration fee; however, it will be waived the first year of registration and for businesses already licensed with the City. All businesses must register by January 30, 2022 or be subject to additional late fees.

For more information, call Code Enforcement at (248) 796-4140.