Bus Routes

Southfield Senior Adult Transportation Options
Mobility is critical to people of all ages. It gives us independence. Those without the ability to drive often feel "trapped" in their homes. The City of Southfield and SMART (Suburban Mobility Authority Regional Transportation) are continuously working together to improve community transit service to accommodate the needs of Southfield's senior citizens and those with disabilities.

SMART Transportation
Regular scheduled stops for SMART (Suburban Mobility Authority Regional Transportation) buses have been arranged at more than 25 Southfield locations. Scheduled transportation to theaters, sporting events, shopping, and personal errands are available. For a listing of pickup locations and destinations please call the Southfield Adult Recreation Center 50+ at (248) 796-4650. Curb-to-Curb bus service is available by appointment. Those requiring regular service through SMART may call their offices at 866-962-5515 at least two days in advance of the required pickup.

TOSS (Transportation of Southfield Seniors)
Transportation of Southfield Seniors (TOSS), uses lift-equipped “Independence for Life” vans to transport senior residents (age 60+) who reside in Southfield or Lathrup Village. The geographical area served is bounded by 14 Mile, 8 Mile, Coolidge and Middlebelt. Transportation to medical facilities is available Monday-Friday; to banks, on Wednesday only. TOSS accommodates permanently physically challenged persons of any age. Riders who require wheelchairs must have a safety belt attached to the wheelchair and be accompanied by a companion who assists to and from the vehicle. Providence/Mission Health and Beaumont Hospitals, along with Independence For Life, the City of Southfield and SMART, jointly make this transportation possible by grants.

The TOSS office is open Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. and may be reached by calling (248) 796-4658. Riding arrangements may be made at anytime within two weeks before the appointment. Riding arrangements for banking may be made on Tuesdays. As printed on TOSS donation envelopes, the average actual price of one round trip is $17. A donation of $5 per trip is suggested. Additional donations are welcome.

In addition to medical appointments, TOSS provides services to local supermarkets and banks as follows:

Departing from McDonnel Towers and Woodridge:
Tuesdays & Fridays - Shopping at Farmer Jack/Kroger
Open to Anyone:
Wednesdays - Banking
By Appointment (Open to Anyone)
Monday through Friday - Shopping at Farmer Jack & Kroger
By Appointment
Doctors, Medical Appointments