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Evergreen Road Improvement Project well underway

Construction will be completed by September of 2015

After much initial ground work securing funding and developing plans, the Evergreen Road Improvement Project finally began the last spring. The Project will involve the total reconstruction of a one-mile segment of Evergreen Road between 10 and 11 Mile Roads from the existing six and seven-lane road into a four-lane boulevard with a roundabout at Evergreen and Civic Center Drive and a roundabout at Evergreen and the north Municipal Campus driveway.  

The Evergreen Road Improvement Project will incorporate many new amenities that will make the corridor more pedestrian-friendly and attractive, including: a major mid-block crossing and plaza that will be constructed between the two roundabouts, a wide path that will be constructed on the east side of Evergreen from I-696 to Filmore Street with benches and landscaping, as well as decorative street lighting. Innovative stormwater features will also be incorporated into the project to provide water quality improvements before discharge to our storm sewers. The stormwater drains and water mains will be replaced and upgraded — improving the functionality of the sewer system and helping to maximize the lifespan of City’s infrastructure. The City will also construct a rain garden adjacent to the tennis courts and install pervious pavers behind the curb between the roundabouts. Additionally, the power distribution system at the Southfield Municipal Campus will be relocated from the front lawn to north of the tennis courts.   

The project is expected to cost approximately $12 million, with $4.8 million in federal transportation funding for the road reconstruction and $450,000 from a Michigan Transportation Alternatives Program grant for the pedestrian amenities and stormwater mitigation features.  The City’s Water & Sewer Fund will contribute $3.5 million and the Major Street Fund will contribute $700,000. The Metro Act Fund will provide $1 million, the City Centre Advisory Board will contribute $100,000 toward the pedestrian amenities, and the Local Improvement Revolving Fund (LIRF) will fund the remaining $1.5 million.  

The incorporation of roundabouts will greatly improve traffic flow in the corridor while also reducing the number of serious accidents. The many benefits of roundabouts include improved safety resulting in a 90 percent reduction in fatalities; 76 percent reduction in injuries; and a 35 percent reduction in all crashes. Studies have also shown that accidents that do occur are typically less serious and that roundabouts are safer for pedestrians and bicyclists. Roundabouts have also been proven to greatly improve traffic flow by reducing congestion, decreasing traffic delays and increasing traffic capacity.  They are also more environmentally friendly — reducing pollution with fewer stops and hard accelerations — resulting in less vehicle emissions, fuel consumption and noise.  Roundabouts are also generally considered to be more aesthetically pleasing than traditional intersections — enhancing and defining corridors and cities.  

The Evergreen Road Improvement Project began construction last June and is expected to be completed by September of 2015.  Evergreen Road will remain open to traffic during construction, maintaining one lane in each direction. The project will improve Evergreen Road and the surrounding area in numerous ways, including: the complete replacement of deteriorated pavement; correction of storm water system inadequacies; improved traffic flow and safety; enhanced pedestrian amenities; creation of a strong link between east and west sides of Evergreen; and overall beautification of the corridor and City.  

Evergreen Road South End Project
Reconstruction of Evergreen Road from Eight Mile Road to Nine Mile Road was completed last summer. The project widened the road to a continuous three lane cross section, including new concrete pavement with curbs, storm sewer, water main, sidewalk on both sides of the road, traffic signal upgrades and other related work.  Construction began in May of 2014 and was completed in November, 2014.   

The total estimated construction cost is $5,095,100, with a Federal Aid cost share of $3,293,800 and the City of Southfield’s estimated cost share of $1,801,300. Funding for the City’s portion of the project will come from FY2013-14 Water & Sewer budget ($1,600,000) and the Local Improvement Revolving Fund (LIRF) ($201,300).  

A detailed overview of all constructions projects underway throughout the city as well as construction updates can be found on the City’s Web site HERE.

For more information, call the Southfield Engineering Department at (248) 796-4810.  

Posted on Thursday, June 19, 2014 (Archive on Wednesday, September 30, 2015)