City Charter Pertaining to the Mayor

Did You Know?

    • Nearly 200 restaurants make dining in Southfield a pleasurable experience for business entertainment or a family night out.

    • The City of Southfield was the first city in the State of Michigan to hold a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Peace Walk Celebration in commemoration of the first national holiday observance in 1986.

    • The City of Southfield has more than 700 acres of park land as well as two public nine-hole golf courses.

Section 5.5 Powers and duties of mayor.

The mayor shall, in addition to any powers and duties otherwise provided by law, have powers and duties as follows:

(a) He shall execute or authenticate by his signature, such instruments as the council, this Charter, or any state or federal law shall require; he shall validate all bonds, notes, and contracts to which the city is a party, by his signature, along with that of the clerk;

(b) He shall appoint, with approval of the council, the city attorney, assessor and planner;

(c) He shall review the budget as received from the city administrator, and deliver it to the council with his recommendations;

(d) He shall give the council information concerning the affairs of the city and recommend such measures as he deems expedient;

(e) He shall, in emergencies, have the powers conferred by law upon sheriffs to prevent disorder, preserve the public peace and health, and provide for the safety of persons and property;

(f) He shall be the ceremonial head of the city;

(g) He may attend all city council meetings and take part in all discussions, but he shall not have the right to vote;

(h) He shall be responsible for the establishment of a civil defense organization and may appoint a director;

(i) He shall have veto powers as provided in section 4.20 of this Charter;

(j) He, or his designated representative, shall act as liaison agent of the city in all matters between the city and other municipalities and political bodies.