Well & Septic

Did You Know?

  • Southfield is supported by 346 miles of water mains, 217 miles of sanitary and 40 miles of combined sewers.
  • There are 3,317 fire hydrants in Southfield. One for every 23 residents or one for every eleven residential dwellings.
  • The average daily use of water is 7.47 million gallons.
  • Over 634,000,000 cubic feet or 4.8 trillion gallons of water is sold to Southfield customers every year.

    There are some properties in Southfield that are not connected to City water or City sewer. These properties have wells and/or septic systems and the following are facts you should know if you have one on your property:

    • All wells and septic systems in Southfield are under the jurisdiction of the Oakland County Health Division
    • Property owners are responsible to maintain their wells and septic systems (information is available through the County)
    • Septic systems must be certified every three years
    • Property owners are responsible for ensuring that all abandoned wells on their property are properly abandoned (permit required by Oakland County) 

    Septic Inspection Service / Certification

    If you choose to continue to use a septic system now that sanitary sewer is available throughout the City, it is required that your septic system be evaluated every three (3) years and that it receives a valid Passing Certification.