Yard Waste/Brush Collection

Did You Know?

  • The Sewer and Water Department maintains over 346 miles of water mains, 217 miles of sanitary sewer, 40 miles of combined sewers and 240 miles of storm sewers.

  • Streets and Highways maintain over 247 mile of local and major roads within the limits of Southfield.

  • The Sewer and Water Department delivers clean dependable drinking water and disposes of it for less than a penny per gallon.

  • A dripping faucet can waste 3 gallons of water a day.

  • A leaking toilet can waste 25,000 gallons per month.



Yard Waste:
Yard waste and brush are collected from mid April through mid November (weather permitting).

Yard Waste is collected curbside on your regularly scheduled rubbish collection day. Yard waste must be placed in approved paper bags or containers marked with a yard waste sticker that may be obtained by calling (248) 796-4860; or the container may be marked with a “Y.” YARD WASTE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED IN PLASTIC BAGS.

Brush Collection:
The following are guidelines to help you follow the regulations for the curbside pick up of brush.

  • No limbs over 8" in diameter
  • Branches shorter than 2' must be tied in bundles less than 50lbs per bundle, or in compost containers
  • Vines must be bundled or in compost bags
  • No logs, roots or stumps
  • No complete shrub with roots attached
  • All branches must be stacked at the curb with the cut ends facing the street