Welcome to the City of Southfield’s Geographic Information System (GIS)

Geographic Information Systems combine layers of information concerning a particular area to give people a better understanding of that area.  Different layers of information can be combined and filtered to provide different perspectives and unique views of information, data and analysis.

GIS technology integrates common database operations such as “query” and statistical analysis with the unique visualization and geographic analysis benefits presented by visual maps. These abilities make it valuable to a wide range of public and private enterprises for explaining events, predicting outcomes, and planning strategies.

 The City of Southfield GIS Mission Statement
“To efficiently and effectively provide geospatial information and applications to city employees and the public in order to enhance city operations, improve decision making, and provide better public service.” 

Southfield’s New Internet Geographic Information System (G.I.S.)
"Destination Southfield"

The City of Southfield GIS group has deployed Destination Southfield and multiple applications: "OneView," "Election Polling Places," and "Parks & Rec Finder."

Cable 15 reports on Destination Southfield

The OneView application provides a wealth of geospatial information to its residential and business community, supporting public service delivery 24/7. The viewer offers unique features and functions that allow users to access maps and property information using the City of Southfield's GIS data. Visitors have access to maps that show parcels, flood zones and voting districts in the city as well as zoning and assessment data. The mapping website allows users to work directly with GIS mapping tools that provide the ability to search, measure and print.

The Election Polling Places application helps citizens locate their election polling place and obtain information about current elected officials.  This application is typically used by citizens during an election season, but can be used thoughout the year to determine which elected official represents the precinct they reside in. To locate a polling place, simply click on the map or enter an address in the search box. The polling place and respective voting precinct will then be highlighted on the map and relevant information about the polling place and elected officials will be presented in two tabs at the bottom of the application. The application will also provide directions from the searched address to the associated polling place location.

The Park and Recreation Finder application helps residents locate a park and obtain information about recreation activities in their community. This application is typically used by residents in a community, but can be used by visitors to locate a park or recreation area near them, or one that offers the activity they are interested in. To locate a park, simply enter an address or activity in the search box. The park(s) or recreation area(s) will then be highlighted on the map and relevant information about available recreation activities are presented to the user.

The My Government Services application helps residents locate a government facility and obtain information about curbside and drop-off services provided by a government agency. This application is typically used by residents in a community, but can be used by visitors to locate a library or post office near them.

The Tax Parcel Viewer can be used to provide public access to tax parcel and related assessment and tax data. It provides relevant base maps and a series of information pop-ups and reports so concise geographic content can be visualized and used to support access to land records information.

The Story Maps application, such as the DIA Inside|Out 2014 uses geography as a means of organizing and presenting information. They tell the story of a place, event, issue, trend, or pattern in a geographic context. They combine interactive maps with other rich content - text, photos, video, and audio - within user experiences that are basic and intuitive.