Wetland Boundary Determination

The first step in the process of submitting a site plan for review, or for any change to land where wetlands may be present, includes submission of an application for Wetland Boundary Determination (pdf).  This determination is done by a wetland consultant, or other professional with equal or greater experience, to accurately demarcate the boundaries of a wetland area through three identifying factors which include soil type, plant material, and the presence of water during some part of the year.  The fee for a Wetland Boundary Determination under Administrative Review is $750 and under City Council review is $1,575.

Upon submission of a report by the consultant, the City of Southfield and the applicant will have sufficient information on the location of wetland areas on the property to determine if a Wetland Use Permit would be required for the proposed project.  If a Permit is required, the applicant will then submit an application for Local Wetland Permit (pdf) and an engineered drawing indicating the accurate location of the wetland boundary along with all other associated site plan drawings.  The plans will then go through the normal site plan process including the potential of public hearings for the Wetland Use Permit.

For additional information on the Wetland Boundary Determination process or with regard to wetlands in general, contact Jeffrey Spence, Assistant City Planner, at (248) 796-4158 or e-mail him at jspence@cityofsouthfield.com.