Tree Removal Approval

A tree permit may be required to remove a tree on your property.  Please refer to our Tree Removal Process flow chart (pdf)

Tree permits are NOT required for Ash trees, dead trees, orchard style fruit trees, or trees under eight inches in diameter (unless it is in a designated woodland area).  If you unsure about the viability, size or type of tree you have, call the Planning Department.  If your tree does not fall under any of these categories, request a permit by either calling (248) 796-4156 or submitting a Tree Removal Application form (pdf).  If calling, leave your name, address, phone number, number of trees for possible removal, location of trees and reasons for removal.  Staff will inspect within two days and you will receive a written response in the mail.  We require removal by a City licensed tree contractor.  The Planning Department has a list of Licensed Tree Contractors which may be obtained by contacting (248) 796-4156.  

Completed Tree Removal Applications (pdf) may be sent via:

FAX:       Attn: Noreen Kozlowski, Landscape Design Coordinator
              (248) 796-4105; or

E-MAIL:   As an attachment to; or

U.S. MAIL: City of Southfield Planning Department
                 Attn: Noreen Kozlowski
                 26000 Evergreen Road
                 Southfield, MI  48076

For additional information on the tree removal process, contact Noreen Kozlowski, landscape design coordinator, at (248) 796-4156 or via e-mail at