Judges & Magistrates

Did You Know?

  • The City of Southfield was the first city in the State of Michigan to hold a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Peace Walk Celebration in commemoration of the first national holiday observance in 1986.

  • The City of Southfield has more than 700 acres of park land as well as two public nine-hole golf courses. 

  • Southfield Flower Day was developed by the Mayor and City Council to promote curb appeal and beautification efforts throughout the City of Southfield.

  • There are 32 miles of rivers and streams in Southfield, and the City hosted the 1st annual Rouge River Cleanup over 35 years ago.

The Court is served by three elected judges and two appointed magistrates. District Judges are elected on non-partisan ballots for terms of six years. The Judges of the 46th District Court are the Honorable Shelia R. Johnson, the Honorable Debra Nance, and the Honorable Cynthia M. Arvant.

The Magistrate's duties include conducting arraignments, setting bail, conducting small claims trials and informal traffic hearings and performing marriages. The Magistrates of the 46th District Court are the Honorable Robin Dillard-Russaw, the Honorable Tiffany McEvans and the Honorable Markeisha Washington.