Did You Know?

  • Every day, more than 1,200 people visit Oakland County Michigan Works!
  • Oakland County has the most workers in Michigan engaged in scientific research and development.
  • In Southeast Michigan skilled trades demand is among the highest in the nation.
  • Oakland County is tenth among U.S. counties for those with degrees in engineering.


To register for workshops, please call (248) 796-4580 for more information.

Life Transitions Workshop
Are you in the process of changing careers and not sure how to do so or where to start? This workshop is for you. You will explore how to transfer your interests, values, personality, aptitude and abilities to various occupations.

Résumé Writing Workshop
Want to learn how to prepare a better résumé? Whether you have an existing one or haven’t written one in years, this résumé writing workshop will be beneficial to you! Learn what employers are looking for in a résumé and how to identify your skills and distribute your résumé as a marketing tool.

Interviewing Workshop
You've got the interview, now what do you do?  Interviewing tips and techniques are discussed, with a few job search ideas thrown in. Learn how to effectively ask and answer questions at an interview and what information employers are trying to obtain.  This workshop will better prepare you for that otherwise intimidating meeting. To make a lasting and positive impression, you will also learn how to market your skills successfully during an interview.

Job Search Workshop
Learn how to tap into that “hidden job market” by using the Internet, resource materials and employers. Discuss social media tools such as LinkedIn and learn how to build an online presence to connect to the new world of job search. 

Workshop Flyer (PDF)