Business Services

Did You Know?

  • Every day, more than 1,200 people visit Oakland County Michigan Works!
  • Oakland County has the most workers in Michigan engaged in scientific research and development.
  • In Southeast Michigan skilled trades demand is among the highest in the nation.
  • Oakland County is tenth among U.S. counties for those with degrees in engineering.
Talent Attraction, Management & Retention Services

Talent Recruitment

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help with your recruitment efforts contact a Business Services Professional today.
  • outreach to colleges and universities, Michigan Works! partners, community and professional groups, and veterans
  • use of social media through Facebook & Twitter
  • on-site interviewing
  • job fairs

 Workforce Assessment

  • identify talent and workforce needs and challenges
  • develop a plan of action
  • find key talent partners

 Pure Michigan Talent Connect -

  • business registration
  • targeted candidate searches
  • job postings

 Labor Market Information

  • access to real-time labor market data from Burning Glass, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Pure Michigan Talent Connect and employer/business organizations

 Business Attraction & Development -

  • new hires
  • company launch
  • retention and expansion information
  • business services proposals

 Hiring Incentives

 Layoff & Outplacement Support

  • rapid response to mass layoffs and closures
  • worker orientations to educate employees on outplacement and retraining assistance
  • unemployment insurance and Michigan Works! information
  • access to Trade Adjustment Assistance information