Board Members

SERS Board Members

L. Susan Mannisto, Chair
ACS Commission/Citizen Rep 
  Ronald Miller, Board Member
ACS Commission/Citizen Rep
Julius Maisano, Vice-Chair
Elected Employee Rep
  Shirley Lightsey, Board Member
ACS Commission/Citizen Rep
Mark Jubas, Secretary
Mayoral Appointee/Citizen Rep
  Donna Sanders, Alternate Board Member
ACS Commission Alternate/Citizen Rep
David Hersh, Board Member
Elected Retiree Rep
  Edward Gardella, Board Member
Elected Employee Rep

Julius Maisano, Elected Employee Rep
Edward Gardella, Elected to fill the unexpired term of James B. Pierce, Elected Employee Rep
David Hersh, Elected Retiree Rep

SERS Staff Liaison:
Megan Battersby
SERS Administrator
26000 Evergreen Road
P.O.Box 2055
Southfield, MI  48037-2055
(248) 796-5220
(248) 796-4715 (fax)