What programs does the City of Southfield offer if I am a mbe, wbe, sbe, or local business owner?
Currently the City of Southfield does not specifically offer minority owned or locally owned programs.

How can I obtain the results of a bid or proposal?
“As read” bid tabulations are typically uploaded to Mitn.info within 2-3 days of the bid opening date.

How can I obtain information regarding City of Southfield contracts?
City contracts are maintained through a collective effort of the Purchasing Department and the City Clerk’s Records Center.  To view contract documents or for specific contract information, please contact the Purchasing department at 248-796-5250.

Does the City of Southfield currently have a Living Wage Ordinance?
City of Southfield “Living Wage Ordinance”, Chapter 14 of Title I, of the Code of the City of Southfield (the “Ordinance”).  Under this ordinance the Contractor shall pay its “covered employees” (a person employed full-time to perform  services in connection with the Contractor’s contract(s) with the City, including related subcontracts) and at least 90% of all the employees working on behalf of the Contractor in connection with a contract with the City, no less than a “Living Wage”.

How can I do business with the City of Southfield?
In order to conduct business with the City of Southfield please visit the Business With Southfield page.